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Fresh Duck and Chicken Eggs

Pasture-raised Heritage Turkeys


Free Range Orchard, Pasture and Garden Fed Layers and Meat Birds

Hormone and Antibiotics Free
WA State Licensed Egg Handler/Dealer #602930408


Our eggs are hand-collected daily and washed in a 99% Organic Egg Wash, then coated with food grade Mineral Oil to maintain freshness and prolong refrigerator life.







Perfect for the ovo-intolerant, they have been recommended by doctors to those who can’t eat chicken eggs.  Great for baking, the extra protein creates incredible loft and a richer flavor.  The baking exchange is 1 duck egg to every 1.5-2 chicken eggs.  The eggs themselves taste the same as any farm-fresh chicken egg…duck eggs only taste “ducky” if the ducks have been living in fish ponds.  Our ladies have algae- and fish-free ponds to bathe in.


$4.00 per 6-pack

$7.00 per Dozen

Volume discount over 4 dozen





Our mixed breed flock of happy, clucking, foraging hens lay a rainbow of colors.  We have baby blue, olive green, pink with purple speckles, dark brown, and even the occasional purple egg!  They make for a beautiful feast for the eyes while you’re preparing a feast for your stomach.  The six-packs will likely contain an egg of every color.  Great for Easter!  No artificial chemicals or colorings required!


$2.00 per 6-pack

$3.00 per Dozen


Want to try us out?  Try the Mixed Dozen for only $5.50.  You’ll get a combination of duck and chicken eggs (maybe even turkey!); whatever’s freshest for the day!






We are now taking orders for Heritage Turkeys.  We raise only a limited number of birds, so get your Holiday birds reserved now! We had huge success with our first year of production, and we're celebrating by offering our birds for only $6.00/lb (dressed). These birds can normally be purchased for $8-18 per pound. Get in early for the steep discount!   These turkeys are naturally bred (a true rarity in the world of broad-breasted varieties who can hardly walk, let alone breed).  We raise a mix of Naragansett, Bourbon Red and White Holland who free range on grass, pasture and orchard.  We will be adding additional Heritage breeds this year, and feel strongly about supporting Heritage breeds through education and promotion.  We want to maintain and increase the population of these intelligent (yes, intelligent!) naturally breeding, flying, roosting, and foraging birds.  Prices will be determined by fair market per pound rate at the time of pick-up, but a deposit of $25 will reserve your bird now (deposit will be refunded only if Magler Farms is unable to provide your bird due to catastrophe).  The deposit will be applied to your final price.  Our birds range in size from 8-30 lbs.  Please let us know what size bird you’d like.


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