Yarn creations by Bri Keeler-Magdych

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About Touchable

Touchable Creations strives to provide luxurious, affordable crocheted items for you and your home.  I use only high quality materials, and I only work with yarns that I enjoy.  If I wouldn't want to wrap myself up in it, I don't make it.  All items are hand-made, packaged in a hand-made muslin drawstring bag (or whatever material I can get my hands on) and a small Lavender sachet from my own garden. 

I began selling my creations to supply my family with enough money to start our homestead.  We will be growing all our own fruits and vegetables, and will be raising our own beef, poultry, and fowl for eggs.  Our goal is to create a sustainable living situation to minimize use of fossil fuels and dependence on outside sources.  While many of my yarns are currently provided by "big-box" type stores (hence the affordable prices) and not locally made, I am attempting to purchase more locally as demand dictates.  In the meantime, even if I'm not raising my own sheep and spinning my own yarn, at least the rest of our lives can be locally provided!