Yarn creations by Bri Keeler-Magdych

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A Touch of You

Most of my items are in fact, custom.  I have a limited number of pre-made creations, but I prefer to let you choose your own colors, textures, and designs, within reason.  I obviously have specialties, but will do my best to accommodate your desires.  If you are allergic to a certain material, or prefer machine wash only, I can modify the yarn choices to match your needs.  Colors, of course, are a no-brainer.  Any of my designs can be made with nearly any color you like.  I am often able to get yarns at a steep discount, but with a custom order, I may not be able to shop around as much.  Therefore, custom orders will be priced accordingly, and will usually be higher than a pre-made item.  Same goes for designs and patterns that are out of my normal range, as they take a bit more time to complete. See below for some examples of my work.